“MetalStroy” JSC is specialized in the execution of buildings and facilities made of steel structures. It coud participate as a General Contractor or as an executor of separate parts of any project. For example, in the project making of building in part “steel construction”, fabrication of steel constructions, erection of steel constructions, delivery of insulation wall and roof cladding systems, installation of such cladding systems, execution of water and pipe systems, execution of electrical systems etc.

The production facility of Metalstroy, JSC is built on a land of total 30 000sq.m. out of which 7000sq.m are covered and another 6000sq.m are to be covered very soon. It is equipped with the newest CNC machines for the production of steel structures.

MetalStroy, JSC produces mainly for the following sectors:

  • The Power Sector
  • Metallurgy
  • Bridges for the road and railroad infrastructure
  • Industrial and trade buildings
  • Public, agricultural and all others made of steel structure


“Metalstroy” JSC has been established in 1999 as a contractor of industrial, commercial, sports, public buildings and many other facilities made of steel structures. The company offers as full execution of a project as well as execution of separate ohases of the projects. In the company team there are a lot of specialists with long-year experince as young participants with fresh ideas and great ambition.

“Metalstroy” JSC is a Joint Stock Company with capital of 1 000 000 BGN.


The Metalstroy organization responds as a team. We are an assembly of highly skilled individuals with demonstrated experience, who are willing to make a total commitment and total contribution to the success of the company. At MetalStroy, we have surrounded ourselves with employees who have proven themselves as producers. Often, we are involved in turn-around projects that require immediate service and working in “around-the-clock” conditions.

Our objective, in the beginning and still enforced today, is to pursue first class accounts and negotiated projects. We are committed to making an investment in customer relations and long range marketing. Because of this philosophy we have enjoyed repeat business and our customers have confidence in making referrals due to the faith and accountability MetalStroy has instilled.

As we like to say “We are small enough to be responsive, yet big enough to be capable.” Most of all, we will come up with creative solutions to meet your needs. When you want a job done right, when you want it done on time, when you want it on budget, you want MetalStroy, SA. Contact us today and put our team to work for you.

Certificates and membership

  • Member of “Bulgarian Association of Metal Structures” (BAMS).
  • Certificates: ISO 9001; ISO3834, ISO 14001, ISO 45001